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Many people try to make money online from home these days to satisfy their needs, and most of them fail because they don't focus on SEO their website.

Best SEO Tips for Beginners
1. High-Quality Content - post information that solves someone's problems is the key to success, if you don't solve a problem it's most likely your article will never receive traffic from search engines.

2. Highlight Right Keywords - this is an important on-page optimization factor to help you rank in Google, you must fuel your post with the right keywords, but over-optimization will get your site penalized, keep it natural... that's why you should not force keywords in your content, if they don't come naturally then you talk about the wrong subject my friend.

3. Link Building Strategies - make backlinks, so-called inbound links because they indicate popularity and importance of your website, that's why you've to make backlinks consistently, they're still a most important factor to rank highest on Google SERPs. Leverage the power of social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, not only you can make drive tons of traffic but recent case studies show that social signals affect search engine rankings.

Do you know other SEO Tips for Beginners? Share them below, let's start to debate them too

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