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Did you happen to know that the YouTube search is the second largest search engine out there? That is why it is so important to understand how this search engine works and how to optimize your videos on YouTube. Like all people who are trying to start a new YouTube channel, it is so hard to see any results at all. You are basically just spinning your wheels, creating videos, and not seeing any results at all. Nobody is finding your videos, watching them or even subscribing to your channel. This can be very discouraging and leave you asking what you’ve done wrong and why people won’t watch your videos. The truth is, you don’t have the keywords necessary to find your videos. Here is how you can start getting your videos ranked with YouTube.

Step 1: Perform a Keyword research on YouTube

Like any website, keywords are the way people find your content. So why should YouTube be any different? I’m sure you had no idea that YouTube has a way for you to search for keywords so you can start to rank your videos online. Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll need to first identify the keywords for your video.
  • Make a list of all possible keywords a person would use to search for your video content under. This can be words like making money, Bitcoin, or even cryptocurrency. Create a large listing of all words that you would use to search for your topic under.
  • Now you are going to use YouTube’s Search Suggestion feature to search for these words and see what happens.
  • Add your keyword or word phrase and start searching. YouTube will show you a list of keyword phrases that people have already used to search for the same content that you have.
  • The keywords YouTube gives you are the best you’ll ever find. These are words that have been used to search for content on the site. Each and every word or word phrase YouTube gives you are popular and there is no need to second guess your choices.
  • You can do your own search on YouTube and find a video that is similar to yours. Check their keywords and copy them down. You’ll see how popular this video is and what the person has used for their keywords. Make sure you go to a video in your niche that has a lot of views. The reason they are receiving so many views is the simple fact the video is optimized around one or two keywords.
  • Also, check YouTube traffic sources to find your keywords to use. Here you can find some keywords that you’ve never thought about and this is an excellent way to optimize your video.
  • Use the keywords that are already optimized in Google for the different videos in your niche.

Step 2 – Publish Your Video

Now that you’ve done all this research it is time to create and publish your video using the keywords that you found. When creating your video make sure you know and understand your audience. Keep in mind when you create your video, YouTube wants you to try and keep audience retention around 100%.

The longer you can keep a person on YouTube watching your video, the higher your video will rank in YouTube. Just make your video as interesting as possible and supply valuable information in your video. You don’t need to have an expensive camera or video editing skills to make this work.

Step 3 – Optimize Your Video Content:

When you create your videos it is necessary to say or speak the keywords during your filming. If you are talking about any niche you must add these keywords to your video in order to optimize your video. Furthermore, create a video title that is at least 5 words long. Add your targeted keywords in your title.

When you add your video to your YouTube channel the description you add is so important. Make sure you are using your keywords in the description to make them count for you. Your description should be around 250 words long and include at least 4 keywords in the description.

Add your tags to your video. They aren’t that important, but they do help. Just make sure you create the tags using a few of your keywords and variation about your subject. One secret is to create 6 different tags that are each 2 words long. This is great for SEO.

Step 4 – Promoting Your Video

This is always the key to success and how you’ll attract more visitors to watch your video. It is necessary to promote your video and make sure people know who you are.

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